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My name is Lindsey Williams, and I'm in my first year of college. My major is Web/Database Technology, and I have had an interest in web development since early high school. I have a small amount of experience managing databases, which I have had the opportunity of learning in the past few months.


My hobbies include singing, sketching and drawing, camping and playing video games. I have participated in choir for eight years, although I no longer do so. I draw both traditionally with paper and a pencil, as well as digitally with my drawing tablet and Photoshop Elements. I have always loved video games, and often use them as a way to connect with my family and friends. I also like to collect hats, so I'll probably never be seen without one on.


I have two cats named Meeko and Misty, an Alaskan malamute named Cana and a goldfish named Sushi.

Meeko Misty Cana


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